Please print this page, fill it out and send it to us when you have made a donation to your local shelter.
Thank you for your support.

Dear Shelter:

Please accept this donation of _________________________________ Snuggles (state number and sizes*) which are donated to you as part of the Snuggles Project. The Snuggles Project is an exclusive project of Hugs for Homeless Animals, a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to homeless and displaced animals. Through our work with the Snuggles Project we have been able to make shelter animals more comfortable by our donations of security blankets for them to snuggle into. If you would like more information about the work that we do, please write to us or visit our website. You can further our efforts if you would please complete the form below and return it to either the donor so that she/he can send it back to us or directly to us at the address below so that we can keep track of the work that we are able to accomplish.

Shelter                                      Donor
Name:      _____________________________     Name:    _____________________________
Address:   _____________________________     Address: _____________________________
           _____________________________              _____________________________
Telephone: _____________________________     Email:   _____________________________
Contact:   _____________________________
Date:      _____________________________
Shelter, are you online?                              ( Please Print Clearly )
Email:     _____________________________ 
Website:   _____________________________

Report submitted to H4HA by [ ] Shelter [ ] Donor

Hugs for Homeless Animals
PO Box 231024
Portland, OR 97281-1024 USA
Project Website:

* Size Guidelines: Small = between 12x12 and 20x20; Medium = between 20x20 and 32x32; Large = 32x32 and up.