Classic Simple Sew Snuggles

These are the classic sewing method for Snuggles. They make lovely pillow-type Snuggles. Depending on the amount and type of filling, they can be plush or flat.
J. Smith
Cotton fabric
Pattern Note
Another method of hemming is (holding wrong sides together) sew around three sides. Then turn it inside out and then sew around the same three sides. Then turn right side out to fill and complete. This makes a strong double hem.

Cut fabric 1 inch larger than desired size. For example, if you want to make a 14-inch square Snuggle, cut fabric 15" x 15".

With fabric right sides together, sew a double hem on three sides. Turn with right side out. Stuff with desired filling, e.g. fiberfill, terry cloth, etc.

Sew last side with a zipzag or double stitch.

Sew across the entire Snuggles to hold filling in place.

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