Snuggles Love Pockets

This is an extremely easy pattern for all ages and experience levels. They can be used as an extra comfortable two layer Snuggle or, when a little alone time is needed, the animal can curl up inside for a snuggly warm hideaway.
Rae French
Polar fleece
Sewing thread
Models are 22" x 19" finished size.
Pattern Note
I bought a number of medium weight king size polar fleece blankets. I was able to get 16 pieces per blanket yielding 8 Snuggle Love Pockets per blanket.

Cut polar fleece to desired sizes. Allow for hemming: 2 to 3 inches on length and 1 to 2 inches on width.

Place pieces right sides together.

Sew sides and bottom.

Keep right sides together, roll material along top inward and sew first hem. Repeat for second hem. This will reinforce the hem. It also provides a slight separation for the animal to see that they can crawl inside.

Turn right side out and finish off threads.

Copyright Notice
This pattern is provided for the Snuggles Project ( and is for personal use only. Copyright Hugs for Homeless Animals ( All rights reserved.