Vertical Stripes Snuggle

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This Snuggle works up into a wonderfully thick mat. The contrasting colors add dimension and beauty. Knitting vertical stripes takes a bit of patience if you are doing it for the first time.
Rae French
Worsted weight (2 colors: main color = MC, contrasting color = CC), acrylic or cotton, size 9 knitting needles
Pattern Note
This pattern appears to be a simple pattern. In actuality it is quite easy to lose track of your colors and rows, thus, creating an uneven pattern. To keep track of where you are at all times, create a mental method of keeping track. All colors start on the right side and end on the wrong side of your work. I found it easier to keep track of my colors by moving the skeins as I worked with a particular color. For instance, if I were working with the MC, the CC skein was placed out of the way. For best results in finishing, leave ends long and weave the ends through the work using a tapestry needle.

Cast on a number of stitches divisible by four, plus two stitches. (example, 62 stitches = small snuggle)

Row 1: With MC, *K2, yarn in back of work, slip 2, repeat from * across row, and end K2.

Row 2: With MC, *K2, yarn in front of work, slip 2 (same 2 slipped in previous row). Repeat from * across row, and end K2.

Row 3: With CC, * yarn in back of work, slip 2, K2, Repeat from * across tow, and end slip 2.

Row 4: With CC, *yarn in front of work, slip 2, K2. Repeat from * across row. Repeat these 4 rows until desired length. Finish off. You may wish to roll the edges or crochet around the work to make the edges lie flat.

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