Easy Knit Snuggle

This truly is a very easy knit pattern. Great for beginners.
Rae French
10-1/2 knitting needles
Worsted weight yarn (2 colors, 1 light and 1 dark)

Cast on as many stitches as you will need for your particular size Snuggles ... use TWO strands of knitting worsted, one light color and one darker color, then simply knit every row. It goes fast, you don't have to pay attention to pattern either as the two colors make their own pretty pattern. I find that it is nicely padded without having a complicated pattern to follow AND I can crank out twice as many of these as I used to when I used only one strand.

Alternate in Crochet: If crocheting with two strands, use a "J" or "K" hook or one that will give you close stitches without being too tight for your crochet hook. It can be worked in double or single crochet, remembering to ch (2 for sc, 3 for dc) at the end of each row then turn.

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