Polar Express Snuggle

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This is a no-sew polar fleece pattern. It is very easy to make and a great project for kids.
Rae French
1/2 yd Polar fleece
Scissors or rotary cutter
Pattern Note
Cut both layers of fleece at same time.

This pattern makes a small Snuggle. To make larger Snuggles, adjust the yardage to accommodate the size that you want.

Layer pieces of fleece. Cut 4.5" squares out of layered pieces at each corner.

To make fringe, cut 4.5" into fleece at 1" intervals around all four sides of layered pieces.

Knot fringe pieces together, using one strand from the top and one strand from the bottom.

Continue around until all fringe pieces are tied together.

Copyright Notice
This pattern is provided for the Snuggles Project (www.snugglesproject.org) and is for personal use only.
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