Braided Edge Fleece Snuggle

This is a no-sew polar fleece project with a decorative edge. It is great for beginners.
Jen Holsman
Polar Fleece (any desired size)
Fabric Scissors
Painter's Tape (Scotch Safe Release recommended, but any will do)

Cut a single layer of polar fleece slightly larger than the desired size of your snuggle blanket. I started with a 20 x 28 inch piece of fleece.

Measure 3 inches up on all sides and mark with blue painters tape. Cut 3 inch squares at each corner. To make fringe pieces for braiding, cut 3 inches into fleece (up to the tape marker) at 1 1/4 inch intervals (the width of the a piece of tape) around all sides of fabric.
Cut a small slit in the middle of the top half of the fringe.

Choose a side to start with and beginning with the second piece of fringe, pull it back towards the first piece and up from the bottom through the slit in that first piece. It will come out the top. Tug forward a little so you can pull the third piece of fringe back towards the second piece and up through the bottom.

When you've pulled the last piece through the one before it, cut the slit open so the fringe piece is split in half. Then take the two pieces and tie a knot. Tug gently and arrange so the knot looks similar to a small bow.

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