Reversible Knit Snuggle

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Here's one for you knitters who are looking for a challenge. This reversible stockinette knit Snuggle will keep you on your toes but it is oh so rewarding! Give it a try and see for yourself.
Rae French
Worsted weight yarn (2 colors)
Circular knitting needle or two double-pointed needles
Pattern Note
Reversible knit uses worsted weight yarn in two complimentary colors (one for each side) and a circular needle or two double-pointed needles.

Cast on an even number of stitches to desired width.

Row 1: Using Color A, *k1, yarn to back, sl 1 purlwise, yarn to front; rep from * to end. Return to beginning of row WITHOUT turning work.

Row 2: Using Color B, *yarn to back, sl 1 purlwise, yarn to front, p1; rep from * to end. TURN.

Row 3: Using Color B, work same as Row 1.

Row 4: Using Color A, work same as Row 2.

Repeat these 4 rows for pattern. Finish off.

Note 1: Pattern is not worked in a circle.
Note 2: When turning work make sure yarns are crossed around each other to avoid leaving a hole between the layers.
Note 3: I would advise using a row counter or scratch pad to avoid missing any row combination.

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