Snuggles Play Ball

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What a wonderful toy and so easy to make.
Rae French
Worsted weight yarn
Size G6 crochet hook
Tapestry Needle
approx 2.5 inches diameter
Pattern Note
dec (stitch two sc together)

Rd 1 : To begin, wind your yarn once around the end of your finger to form a ring, then crochet 5 sc into that ring. Place a marker and continue working in rounds.
Rd 2: Work 2sc in each of the 5 sc around.
Rd 3: (sc in first sc, 2sc in next sc) 5 times.
Rd 4: (sc in each of 2 sc, 2sc in next sc) 5 times.
Rd 5: (sc in each of 3 sc, 2sc in next sc) 5 times.
Rd 6: (sc in each of 4 sc, 2sc in next sc) 5 times.
Rd 7: (sc in each of 5 sc, 2sc in next sc) 5 times.
Rd 8: (sc in each of 6 sc, 2sc in next sc) 5 times.
Rd 9: sc in each st around (40).
Rd 10: (dec, sc in next 6 sc) 5 times.
Rd 11: (dec, sc in next 5 sc) 5 times.
Rd 12: (dec, sc in next 4 sc) 5 times.
Rd 13: (dec, sc in next 3 sc) 5 times. Fill tightly with polyfill.
Rd 14: (dec, sc in next 2 sc) 5 times.
Rd 15: (dec, sc in next sc) 5 times.
Rd 16: (dec) 5 times. Break yarn leaving approx 8 inches length. With tapestry needle, weave through remaining stitches, pull tight, knot; Run needle through center of closing point to other side of ball, cut thread. To make things interesting, add a tail of yarn or crochet a twisted tail. It is as much fun to make these as it is to play with them.

Note: Use a marker to designate the beginning of each round. Anchor the beginning yarn end into the inside of ball to prevent unraveling. Ball should be tightly crocheted. If your stitches are too loose, use a smaller crochet hook.

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