All I need is a Snuggle . . .
and a place to call home.




For those who knit, you will find many wonderful patterns and tips here for both hand knitting or machine.
A Little Elegance for Christmas

As a Christmas treat, we bring this elegant and luxurious Snuggle pattern for you to make to show how much our homeless animals are respected and loved.

Alternative Fisherman's Rib Snuggle

This pattern may take a little practice to perfect. Good luck and enjoy.

Bamboo Knit Snuggle

This is such a beautiful stitch. It is fairly easy to work and the results are wonderful.

Birds Nest Knit Snuggle

The Birds Nest Knit Snuggle is a great little Snuggle Tubbie pattern for the wee animals. It is just large enough to be used for birds, mice, gerbils, etc. These work up quickly and are so much fun to make that you might want to make one for yourself too.

Comfy Knit Snuggle

Here is a great "comfy" knit pattern for the Snuggles. The stitch is a small open stitch.

Easy Knit Snuggle

This truly is a very easy knit pattern. Great for beginners.

Fun Fur Snuggle

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Fun Fur Snuggle

What a fun Snuggle! Is it a mat, a toy, or both?

Giddy Snuggle

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Giddy Snuggle

Spool knitting is fun! Making Snuggles with spool knitting cords is also lots of fun but a little time consuming. You might want to get the kids involved in this one.

Holiday Hustle and Bustle

This pattern reminds me of last minute shopping and the merriment of Christmas.

Honeycomb Snuggle

This is an easy knit pattern. It does take a little bit of concentration but you'll get the swing of it quite quickly. The result is a well-lofted Snuggle.